Rolle Airfield

Rolle Airfield (44A) is a general aviation airport located approximately 12 miles southwest of the City of Yuma, Arizona and is managed by the Yuma County Airport Authority. The airfield supports general and corporate aviation users as well as customers of Yuma International Airport's aerospace industrial base, which supports government, civilian and military operations. Please call Airport Operations at 928-726-5882 to coordinate operations at Rolle Airfield.
Rolle Field Master Record

Rolle Field Master Plan
The purpose of this Airport Master Plan Update is to present guidelines for development of Rolle Field that considers all of these factors in order to meet the needs of Yuma County, the City of San Luis, as well as the array of interrelated government, military and civilian operators that are active in the region over the next 20 year period.

The goal of the Master Plan is to provide the community, public officials, and the YCAA with proper guidance for future development to satisfy regional general aviation demands and be wholly compatible with the environment. In addition, the airport needs to understand the aviation impact of UAS operations with respect to pavement, ground space and the NAS. To accomplish that goal, considerable effort will be required to understand and incorporate the mixed UAS / NAS perspective.

Rolle Field Environmental Assessment