Authorized Signatory

Each badge application needs to be signed by the company "Authorized Signatory". If an a "Authorized Signatory" has not been trained and authorized by YCAA Airport Operations for your company, an individual needs to be identified by the company and complete the following before signing any applications.

Authorized Signatory Application
Provide Acceptable Documents
Security Threat Assessment (STA)
CHRC (SIDA only)
Authorized Training Completion
Step 1:Application (Complete application, print and sign)
Step 2:Acceptable Documents (Provide identification based on the list of acceptable documents)
Step 3: Complete Training
Step 4: Re-visit Airport Operations to complete process
Step 5: Provide Airport Operations with completed application, acceptable documents, test and Authorized Training Completion Form
Step 6: Receive notification of STA/CHRC completion and designation as an Authorized Signatory