The Yuma County Airport Authority Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 4:00pm.?

The Board consists of eleven (11) members. Members who are present through electronic communication count as being present and may vote on agenda items under consideration.

Committee meetings are ad hoc in nature and may be called, with 24 hour notice, to discuss airport business. Board members will be notified of all meetings either by email or by telephone.?

An electronic copy of the agenda for each Board or Committee meeting may be found on the airport's web site, 24 hours prior to the meeting, by?clicking here. A written copy of the agenda will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the Airport Administration office on the 2nd floor of the airport terminal at 2191 E 32nd St., Yuma, Arizona.

The dates for the calendar year 2019 Board meetings are:
January 8, 2019
February 12, 2019
March 12, 2019
April 9, 2019
May 14, 2019
June 11, 2019
July 9, 2019
August 13, 2019
September 10, 2019
October 8, 2019
November 12, 2019
December 10, 2019